Amy Baetsen-Young

Graduate Student


Amy Baetsen-Young



2015-present, Michigan State University, Ph.D. Plant Pathology

2011-2013, The Pennsylvania State University, M.S. Agronomy

2007-201, Northern Michigan University, B.S. Biology


Professional Experience

2013 Plant Health Technician, Timberwolf Tree Care

2013 Contract Botany Surveyor, USDA Forest Service

2013-2015 Associate Pathology Scientist I, Simplot Plant Sciences


Research Interests

The intersection of plants and pathogens within the ecosystem has motivated many critical questions within my research. These questions will enable me to focus on my long-term goal of being able to assess and determine processes that allow disease to impact host populations, the evolution of host resistance, and pathogen adaptation and virulence. Broadly, I am interested in studying regional and localized epidemiology to generate knowledge that will enable a holistic understanding of pathogen isolate development and evolution. My current research combines classical pathology with gene expression and genome analysis to uncover mechanisms of plant-pathogen interactions, including determinants of virulence and host range. I hope to apply the research concepts attained in graduate school to spur economic development for growers by reducing enigmatic biotic and abiotic interactions.


Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed

Baetsen-Young, A.M., Vasher, M., Matta, L.L., Colgan, P., Alocilja, E.C., and Day, B. 2018. Direct colorimetric detection of unamplified pathogen DNA by dextrin-capped gold nanoparticles. Biosensor and Bioelectronics. 101: 29-36.

Baetsen-Young, A.M, J.E. Kaminski, M.T. Kasson, and D.D. Davis. 2015. Insights into the biology of Sphaerobolus stellatus as a causal agent of thatch collapse in golf turf. Crop Science. DOI:10.2135/cropsci2014.12.0821

Trade and Extension

Baetsen-Young, A.M, J.E. Kaminski, M.T. Kasson, and D.D. Davis. 2016. Thatch collapse in golf course turf. Golf Course Management. 84: 87-91

Stehouwer R.C., K.L. Butler, K.A. Webber and A.M. Baetsen. 2014. Soils 102, Introductory Soil Science Laboratory, Spring 2014. The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA.

Baetsen, A.M., and J.E. Kaminski. 2012. Thatch collapse: a new disease of golf course turfgrasses. Pennsylvania Turfgrass.