Stomata for Research pageProject:The Actin-Pathogen Connection: Linking the Cytoskeleton to Immunity and Virulence

The eukaryotic actin cytoskeleton is comprised of a dynamic and tightly regulated pool of globular (G)- and filamentous (F)-actin whose activities and organization are linked to a diverse array of cellular functions. Actin, together with the more than 75 actin-binding proteins identified in plants, regulates key signaling processes, including those required for stomatal movement and immunity. Read more →



Nanosensor project_03Project:NanosynQA DNA Nanosensor For The Field-Deployable, Point-Of-Contact Detection Diagnosis Of Plant Diseases

Rapid and sustainable improvements in agricultural productivity are urgently needed to meet human food requirements and overcome entrenched poverty. New technologies are needed to address challenges facing food security, including those associated with food safety, plant, animal and human health, and transportation. Read more →


Beans for research page_sProject:Plant Resilience







RESEARCH-4Project:Cucumber-Pathogen Genomics

The current favored model for the regulation of actin dynamics posits that actin filaments are constantly rearranged via polymerization, severing, and depolymerization, processes largely governed by the activity of profilin andactin depolymerizing factors (ADFs), respectively. However, the purpose(s) of this incessant re- modeling are largely unknown. Our working hypothesis is: Actin remodeling is important for mediating plant immunity against pathogens. Read more