Miranda Haus

Postdoctoral Researcher


Miranda, Ph.D. 

Email: hausmira@msu.edu


Ph.D. University of Illinois- Champaign Urbana, Plant Biology, 2015

B.S. University of Illinois- Champaign Urbana, Molecular and Cellular Biology with Distinction, 2007


2016-current Postdoctoral Researcher at MSU

2008-2015 Graduate Assistant, Investigations on the influence of CO2 on leaf epidermal development in Arabidopsis thaliana

2005-2007 Undergraduate Assistant, Natural variation of stomatal development regulation by CO2

2005-2007 Undergraduate Assistant, Relationship between neuron excitotoxicity and insulin-like growth factors.

2003-2005 Undergraduate Assistant, Long term environmental research monitoring of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers.

Research Interests

My primary research focus is trying to understand the role that future climates will have on plant development. My graduate thesis applied a quantitative genetics (QTL mapping and GWAS) approach using a high-throughput phenotyping method, (optical topometry) to characterize epidermal morphology when plants developed under elevated CO2 concentrations.

Working in Brad Day’s lab alongside the Plant Resilience Institute, I am building on my previous expertise by researching the morphological, physiological, and transcriptional changes under the interactive effects of abiotic and biotic stresses. I will be working with dry beans (Phaselous vulgaris) from the Andean Diversity Panel to understand the role that future climates will have on both bean development and response to the fungal root pathogen Fusarium oxysporum.

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Selected Publications

Haus, M. J., Kelsch, R., and Jacobs, T. W. (2015) Application of Optical Topometry to Analysis of the Plant Epidermis. Plant Physiology. 169(2), 946-959.

Nabity, P. D., Haus, M. J., Bernebaum, M., and Delucia, E. H. (2013). Leaf-galling phylloxera on grapes reprogram host metabolism and morphology. PNAS. 110 (41), 16663-16668.