Genevieve Hoopes

Graduate Student


Genevieve Hoopes



2015, B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Biochemistry, Madison, WI

Research Interests

As an undergraduate I was involved in two interrelated projects to genetically map and characterize two mutants that affect guard cell cytokinesis and cell expansion in Arabidopsis. Due to this research experience I desire to study cytoskeletal dynamics and organization, and/or metabolism and developmental pathways via an interdisciplinary approach involving biochemistry, cell biology, and genetics. Through understanding these fundamental plant processes, I want to help improve agriculture and human health.


Tinevez JY., Perry N., Schindelin J., Hoopes G.M., Reynolds G., Laplantine E., Bednarek S.Y., Shorte S.L., Eliceiri K.W. 2016. TrackMate: an open and extensible platform for single-particle tracking. Methods, Elsevier (Submitted).